MN man who received reduce sentence faces charges in WI

Frederick Earle Deen was sentenced in Minnesota to charges of mortgage fraud and received a reduced sentence of twenty four months for his role in the twenty million dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

Mr. Deen however is facing charges in Pierce County, Wisconsin. Mr. Deen received his reduced sentence based on the fact that he would be testifying and cooperating with investigator in regard to the mortgage fraud scheme and that he had no criminal record for over eleven years.

Mr. Deen was facing sentence guidelines of up to fifty seven months in prison for using straw buyers to obtain fraudulent mortgage loans in Rogers and Otsego, Minnesota between 2005 and 2007. Mr. Deen and his co-conspirators received over two million dollars from the proceeds.

United States District Judge Richard Kyle handed down the sentence of twenty four months noting that he must cooperate with investigators and that he testify in future trail proceedings. Mr. Deen’s attorney Joe Friedberg stated that he was unaware of the criminal charges pending in Pierce County, Wisconsin.

The charges in Pierce County, Wisconsin stem from a January 31st incident at the Best Western Hotel in River Falls in which Mr. Deen went into another guest’s room with a fire extinguisher and attempted to discharge it. The front desk clerk told officers at the time that Mr. Deen was intoxicated and had been creating a lot of noise in the front lobby.

RiverFalls police arrested Mr. Deen on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and interference with fire-fighting equipment. The hotel listed damages as fifteen hundred dollars for a TV Cabinet, three hundred for a refrigerator, and two hundred for a hallway mirror. Mr. Deen was taken to the Ellsworth, Wisconsin Pierce County jail. He was schedule to appear before the court on Monday, March 8th.

United States Attorney, Tim Rank stated that he was not aware that Mr. Deen was arrested in Wisconsin in January. Mr. Rank stated that he would look into the details of the incident to determine if that would affect Mr. Deen’s current sentencing.

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