We’re loan specialists doing mortgage reviews.

Our forensic auditors are the most dedicated, knowledgeable and detail-oriented loan auditors in the industry. If your loan documentation has violations, we will review it until we find them. Our team consists of experienced professionals helping people find the legal leverage to dispute their loans. We enjoy and take pride in helping homeowners get the break they deserve! We will provide you with every tool and resource available so that when you begin disputing your mortgage with your lender, you will have the upper hand.

We are very different than any other loan auditing company because we do not take any step of the mortgage process for granted during our review of your loan documentation. Every detail of your mortgage will be reviewed and thoroughly analyzed.

Our sophisticated forensic auditors specialize in mortgage compliance and loss mitigation. They know the laws and guidelines inside and out. They are experts in TILA, RESPA and many other state and federal real estate and lending compliance laws. Their extensive training gives us confidence in saying our forensic auditors are the foremost loan-auditing experts in the industry!

Our compliance officers know exactly where to look for violations when reviewing mortgage loan documents. They are well known for finding violations that most other auditors are unable to find.

Our title specialists are seasoned professionals that know what to look for when reviewing titles for incorrect or fraudulent work.

Our mortgage specialists have experience as mortgage brokers and bankers, giving them valuable knowledge about where many violations often occur in the loan origination process. These qualified and experienced industry experts have all been involved in the entire mortgage process, from loan origination to funding. Their experience gives them the ideal perspective to identify predatory lending or fraudulence in your loan.

Our specialists are some of the best in the industry. They know how to review the loan documentation for any potential violations and how to help you to approach the lender for a clean settlement process. They will also help you to review all of the paperwork one final time to make sure everything is in order.

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